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  1. I've been playing around lately with all the scrap pieces I have accumulated over the years, combining them with powdered frit (finely ground glass) to create interesting effects.  I'm currently firing bowls with natural random holes throughout them which really appeal to my love of organic shapes and textures.  

    This shows the first firing, it will have a layer of powder added and need at least another two firings in the kiln before it becomes a finished bowl.  Watch this space...



  2. I've finally taken the plunge and commissioned a purpose built glass studio!  I'm so excited; can you tell?  It'll sit on an area of decking at the top of the garden overlooking the huge willow tree next door so no doubt I'll get distracted as I watch the birds all day.  Having a space outside will (I hope) enourage me to ignore the mess and jobs in the house and 'go to work', shutting the back door behind me.  It'll be warm and snug with the kiln on - you'll be welcome to call in - I'll be having an open day in due course, if possible so watch this space.

    In anticipation of this move, I'm having a SALE!  Everything listed on my website will be reduced by 25% using the code NEWSTUDIO at checkout, until 30th November 2020.  I'm adding additional items throughout the month so have a peep.  

    Helen x