C-ART 2015


C-ART is now in full swing – Cumbria is packed with talented artists whose work is showcased each September by this special Open Studios event.  From ceramicists to wood-turners it’s a great opportunity to find out about an unfamiliar craft or seek out a special gift.  Find out more at www.c-art.org.uk/

This year I have new work including my tactile ‘Textures’ range.  The inspiration for these has come from rough bark, dry stone walls and other natural textures.  These are made by manipulating powdered glass and fusing in the kiln to temperatures of over 800 degrees centigrade. Repeated firings produce different effects and shapes, no two can ever be the same.

I’ve really enjoyed meeting visitors and other C-ART artists and your feedback has been lovely.  So get out in the sunshine and plan your visits.  I’m open every day (except Wednesdays) from 10 am to 4 pm, until Sunday 27th Sept.  I’d love it if you called in.

Helen x


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